2016 TASH Conference has ended
Each year, the TASH Conference strengthens the disability field by connecting attendees to innovative information and resources, facilitating connections between stakeholders within the disability movement, and helping attendees reignite their passion for an inclusive world. This year’s conference theme, “Gateway to Equity,” explores inclusive communities, schools, and workplaces that support people with disabilities, including those with complex support needs, in living a fair, just, and balanced life. Return to TASH website.

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Thursday, December 1






About a Boy, AAC, and Grown-ups: A Mixed Methods Study Midway Suites IIILIMITED Building a Culturally Responsive Framework for Students with Intellectual Disability to Increase Postsecondary Outcomes Grand ALIMITED Count Me In: Finding Inclusion in Personalized Learning Frisco/BurlingtonLIMITED Creating a More Diverse TASH: Building Cultural Competence within TASH Chapters New York CentralLIMITED Creating an Inclusive Environment Regency BLIMITED Creating Community Lives Wabash CannonballLIMITED Creating Pathways to Employment & Community Integration Illinois CentralLIMITED Creating Rigorous, Inclusive, Academic Lessons: Don't You Dare Dumb It Down! Missouri PacificLIMITED Deinstitutionalization: where are we? Regency CLIMITED Designing grade-appropriate instruction in general education for students with significant support needs Station Master RoomLIMITED Don't Judge Me: Understanding Invisible Disabilities Grand CLIMITED Ecological Systems Factors Affecting Access to General Education Content and Contexts Jeffersonian/KnickerbockerLIMITED Effective Employment Support - Findings From Interviews With Support Professionals Conductor RoomLIMITED Effective Inclusive Classrooms: 6 Techniques for Improving Inclusive Teaching and Learning Grand BLIMITED Inclusive education for students with complex health care needs: Moving forward together! Midway Suites IILIMITED Readiness, Response, and Reaction: Addressing School Emergencies with Students with Disabilities Midway Suites ILIMITED RPSD Associate Editor Meeting Red Caps Providing Full Inclusion: Enhancing Student Participation in Extracurricular Activities Grand F&ELIMITED


Art Inspired Academy - Changing Lives through the Creative Arts Illinois CentralLIMITED HCBS, Community Living & Day Services: How to do it Frisco/BurlingtonLIMITED High School General Education Teachers' Knowledge of Inclusion New York CentralLIMITED How the voucher/charter school movement undermines equity and inclusion: Evidence from Ohio Regency BLIMITED I'd have my own train; Conversations on Advocacy, [through] Communication, and Inclusion Wabash CannonballLIMITED I'm a Free Man! - Process of acquiring my guardianship and making my own choices Regency CLIMITED Identifying the Individual: Young Professional Panel Discussion Examining Titles, Inclusion, and Community Missouri PacificLIMITED Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices at Home Resulting in Increased Independence and Communication Grand CLIMITED Importance of Hygiene Skills: The 'how to keep clean' lessons for students with Autism Station Master RoomLIMITED Improving the Engagement of Students as Partners in Effective Classroom Learning Systems Jeffersonian/KnickerbockerLIMITED Inclusive Education for Preschool Learners with Autism: A Program Evaluation Grand BLIMITED Self Determination and Planning your own Life Conductor RoomLIMITED Self-advocate engagement in managed care program implementation; Access creates Equity Grand ALIMITED Teachers' Views of their Preparation for Inclusive Education and Collaboration Midway Suites IIILIMITED The Journaling Journey: Self-Reflection and Impact on Practice Midway Suites ILIMITED What Pre-service Teachers Learn About Disabilities From Inclusion Literature Midway Suites IILIMITED Research and Publication Committeee Red CapsLIMITED Enhancing the IEP Meeting Process: The Good, The Bad, and The Suggestions Grand F&E






Creating a Vision for Your Life Midway Suites ILIMITED Disability and Poverty: Reasonable Recommendations to Increase Economic Mobility Grand ALIMITED Right of Tenancy - the Transformation of a Legacy Residential Services Agency Illinois CentralLIMITED Services access for Culturally Linguistically Diverse Families goes beyond translation and interpretation Jeffersonian/KnickerbockerLIMITED SMILE Intervention: Increasing Social Engagement for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Middle School Frisco/BurlingtonLIMITED Socio-sexual education for individuals having ASD: Here's what I want you to know... New York CentralLIMITED Stop and Think: Comprehension Self-Monitoring in Inclusive High School English-Language Arts Classes Regency BLIMITED Sugar Rush Bakery a Student Success Story Wabash CannonballLIMITED Supported Decision-Making and Alternatives to Guardianship Regency CLIMITED Suspension Isn't Teaching!: A Case Study of One School's Approach to Reducing Violence while Raising the Bar for Students with Intense Behavioral and Mental Health Needs Station Master RoomLIMITED Teaching Emotional Regulation: Critical skills for Independent Learning Midway Suites IILIMITED Teaching Self-Management Strategies to Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Conductor RoomLIMITED Terror to Tolerance to Transformation: How Parents Create Opportunities that Support Self-Determination for Adults with Disabilities Grand BLIMITED The Importance of Belonging, Relationships, and Learning with Each Other Missouri PacificLIMITED Transforming Teacher Education Programs to Support Inclusion Specialists: Evaluating Effectiveness Midway Suites IIILIMITED


Building Cross-System Support for Person-Centered Counseling Grand CLIMITED Gateway to the Inclusive Culinary Classroom Midway Suites IVLIMITED I Never Gave Guardianship Much Though': Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Presume Competence Illinois CentralLIMITED Practice Makes Perfect: How do teachers use evidence-based practices to inform instruction Illinois CentralLIMITED Teachers' decisions regarding community-based instruction for secondary students with severe disabilities. Regency BLIMITED Teaching Comprehension through Grade Aligned Adapted High School Novel via an iPad Midway Suites IIILIMITED Teaming for TIDES: Teaching Independence, Determination, and Empowerments Skills Midway Suites IILIMITED Tiered Systems: Establishing Comprehensive, Integrated, Collaborative Systems to Meet Students??? Multiple Needs Frisco/BurlingtonLIMITED Transforming Moderate to Severe Classrooms for the 21st Century New York CentralLIMITED Transition to Independent Living Literature: Progress and Challenges Wabash CannonballLIMITED Turning Anger into Art Missouri PacificLIMITED Using Effective Team Practices to Collaborate with Families Regency CLIMITED Using Peer Intervention to Improve Conversational Reciprocity of Ÿ??Dominant TalkersŸ? with Autism Station Master RoomLIMITED Using Read-Alouds of Informational Text to Promote Conversation Skills Grand BLIMITED Using School Visits to Prepare Doctors to Better Serve Children with Disabilities Jeffersonian/KnickerbockerLIMITED Using smart watches to access an inclusive college campus with students with intellectual/developmental disability Conductor RoomLIMITED College Student Chapters Meeting Red CapsLIMITED Inclusive Education Committee Meeting Grand ALIMITED Communication Initiative Discussion Pegram Room